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From my mum:

It might be too long winded, too intellectual and too true. It is a good read. It flows well and beautifully to its conclusion. It might be self indulgent? It made me smile and cringe. It does not overwhelm nor does it avoid.

It has a typo.

It's critical that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is urgently made available to the #disability sector on the same basis as #health and #AgedCare, to protect people with disability and support workers.


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3 months ago


If you have a team of support workers who
- run their own business (self employed ABN)
- are directly employed by you (because you self or plan manage your funding)
- are unregistered providers

Begin to think about HOW they are going to prove to someone who is manning a roadblock that they are offering an essential service and need to pass the roadblock.

They do not have ID that shows they are a support worker
They do not (usually) wear a uniform
There is no website for the person making the roadblock to check.
There is no government process that proves that the self manager even exists, let along needs essential support services.

If I was manning the roadblock I would not let the workers who support my kid through because I have no way to make sure they really are essential and should be travelling.

If this is you (or someone you know)
contact the NDIA and ask what they are doing to solve this problem. Do this now. Do this urgently.

Some people will be uncomfortable if their staff cannot get to through a roadblock. Others need a level of support that means they will die if they have no support for more than a day or two (this is my kid). If you fall into the uncomfortable category - please take the lead on this.

One of the local government areas near me is a high tourist area and they have started doing ID Checks for people entering as they do not want visitors overwhelming their hospital system.

If you look at what happens internationally, keeping people in one place is a fantastic way to help stop the virus from spreading. I believe roadblocks are an essential part of minimising the impact of the virus. Do not get mad at someone doing their job when they are scared - we need to help them want to let our essential staff through.

I do not want our community to suffer unnecessarily as they wait for a piece of paper to prove they are needed. Contact the ndis (whatever channel you have available to you) and ask how this is getting solved for all of us
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