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Personal experience trying to get @NDIS to approve Reasonable and Necessary supports (that the NDIS Appointed OT has identified as R&N) - even through the @aat_gov_au process. My kid will be homeless in 3 months if we can't break this loop. #NDISFail

This is a worldwide issue. How can our community expect to get out of #poverty if we accept #Slave labour roles. While we are struggling to put food and essential medications on the table we are unlikely to band together and demand the change we need #Disability #HumanRights

Red Nicholson@rednz

"These people can't do equal work, their productive capacity is extremely low which is why they work here," says able-bodied CEO of disability employment agency. Just staggering.

This is why I tell my #NDIS #SelfManagement community that they should not be scared of making an innocent mistake. The fraud squad is looking for genuine #Fraud. This is hard to do by accident

The only thing the LNP are scared of are strikes.

No more protests.
They are pointless.
They don't have empathy.
They don't care.

All they care about is money.

So that is where we hit them.

Because there is no way in Hell, I am letting them take my son's future.


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1 month ago


Today's soapbox and blog post:
Don't lie to the Professionals who support us

I have become aware of an incredibly disturbing trend: people lying to the Allied Health Professionals that they are engaging. From the start of that relationship.

The lie: "No, I don't have NDIS".

The reason stated for lying is that in many cases the hourly rate decreases.

Now, I'm all for negotiating a bargain but this is not the way to do it.

* If you don't have enough funds in your NDIS plan
- Gather your evidence
- Request a Review of a Reviewable Decision (RoRD)
- Take the decision through to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) if necessary
If the NDIS believes that you have sufficient funds then they will not increase them in the next plan

* If your Allied Health Professional does NOT try to get you to request access to the NDIS
- If you (or your child) appears to be eligible for the NDIS, and they do not attempt to assist you to get the support that you need then they are not doing their job properly. What else are they missing when it comes to supporting you?

* NDIS Reporting is light years apart from the usual reports they write
- NDIS is a while new world when it comes to writing reports that will get the funding that you require next year.
- Allied Health Professionals need to use different language, different formats and speak about you and your needs in a completely different way.
- By lying to your therapist and getting them to "write a report" you are really doing yourself a huge disservice - and ultimately costing yourself a bunch of funding in next years' plan.

* You need to base this relationship on trust
- Allied Health Professional are just that: Professionals. In order for them to truly help us in our homes and communities they need to know how we live, and what we can realistically do. Don't base that relationship on a lie.

The NDIS is new. We need to set the standard that we will accept. I am hoping that lying to our supports is not the way we want this to continue
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2 months ago


I can’t love this enough.

Communication access to the justice system - without needing to have your paid supports be a part of the process - is one crucial step towards helping our community be safe.

Box Hill Police station in Victoria gets the #CommunicationAccess symbol following a two-year comprehensive program by Scope.

Congratulations Victoria Police, especially the uniform police officers for your enthusiasm and commitment. You’re leading the way!

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4 months ago


The office this morning before I catch up with one of my awesome clients. Not getting as much done as I hoped #whalewatching ... See MoreSee Less

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5 months ago


I have some exciting news to share .... the NDIS Participant I have been working with the longest (A.K.A - my kid) has just had her SDA eligibility APPROVED by the NDIA.

At 19, she is looking forward to moving into an apartment suited to her needs - with the support team of her choosing.

It has been a massive team effort to pave the way and we thank everyone involved. Looking forward to collaborating again as we support planHELP clients on their journey to independence.
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