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Caroline Daley, Founder


Caroline is one of Australia’s foremost NDIA experts. Her NDIS journey started on 2 July, 2013 – the second day of Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme. Living in the NSW NDIS trial site of Newcastle, Caroline’s daughter daughter, Siobhan (pronounced Shiv-von), was one of the first people to get an NDIS plan in Australia. She was 13 years old at the time and they went on to become the first family to self-manage an NDIS plan.


Since then, Caroline has taken on a number of roles assisting the NDIA, including writing the original NDIS documentation and fact sheets on self-management, becoming a qualified NDIS Assistive Technology Mentor, and speaking at dozens of events hosted by the NDIS all over the country.


The NDIA have referred to Caroline as a “pioneer”.


Caroline started planHELP when she realised there are thousands of Australians who are still struggling to create and action their NDIS plans. Given her first-hand experience with the NDIS she knows that beginning your plan can be overwhelming. She also knows how frustrating it can be when you face constant obstacles when trying to start your plan. This is why she is eager to use her knowledge and experience to help you achieve your NDIS goals, so you can access the funding and support you need to get on with life.


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